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Declarations of Payments to Patient Organisations

We believe in working transparently with the patient organisations that we engage with.

In December 2015 we organised a meeting involving four members of patient organisations, Support in Mind Scotland, Rethink, Hafal and Mindwise. A grant of £187.10 was provided to Support In Mind Scotland, and a grant of £192 was provided to Mindwise to cover travel and accommodation.

In March 2016 two textbooks were provided to Rethink. The total value of the books was £103.98

In October 2016, April 2018 and July 2018 we paid Hafal £10,000 (a total of £30,000) to support administration and general running costs. In addition we paid £2,750 for the development of an Early Intervention guide. £600 of this was paid in October 2016 and the remaining £2,150 was paid in Feb 2017. A textbook was supplied to Hafal in 2016, with a value of £51.99.

The financial costs of £975.08 associated with having a speaker for a meeting/conference held 2nd – 4th November, were provided to Schizofreniföreningen i Skǻne by us. We had no influence on the choice of speaker nor the content of his speech/lecture or any other content or material for this meeting/conference.

In December 2019, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc (based in the US) sponsored the European Parkinson’s Disease Association (EPDA) as a Diamond Partner. The sponsorship amount was $54,725. In January 2021, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc renewed sponsorship of EPDA as a Diamond Partner and the sponsorship amount was $60,779.95. Full details of Diamond Partner status are provided on the EPDA website.

There are no payments to disclose for 2022 or 2023.

Disclosures of payments and other support, and any consultancy fees provided to patient organisations will be made no later than 30th June each year in relation to payments made in the previous year.